Our mission is to empower underserved youth through integrated literacy and wilderness experiences.



82% of ARC Summer Immersion participants go on to attend a 2 or 4-year college.



99% of ARC Students report an increase in self-confidence.



97% of our participants pass the English Language portion of the California High School Exit Exam

Changing Lives

This is the power of Adventure Risk Challenge. We impact the lives of young people long after their summer outdoor experiences.

Positive Youth Development

Through our innovative integration of outdoor and academic programming, ARC helps young people build the social, emotional, intellectual, and professional assets they need to be successful in life.

  • “Being in the wilderness has calmed me down and taught me not to take everything for granted. I want to protect the parks and make sure everything isn’t urbanized. We need to work with nature instead of against it.”

  • “ARC has taught me to take challenges and do well in school. It allowed me to create a goal to graduate and attend a 4-year university. It opened my eyes and I realized that education is the key to success.”

  • “After ARC I noticed there has been a huge difference in me. It is easier for me to speak in front of the public. It feels awesome to be able to not be afraid to say what you want to say when you think you need to. I definitely thank you for giving me the opportunity to gain all the skills that I learned at ARC.”

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