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Interview Day

Interview Day at ARC was a fun and exciting experience! Our group had an amazing opportunity to meet and get to know adults in the community. We were also able to form valuable connections, which will benefit us in the future. Each of us were assigned to interview and get to know a volunteer matched specially to us because of common interests, and hopes that they would be able to inspire and guide us in the coming years of our lives. Though we were only given an hour to conduct our interviews, it was plenty of time to ask deep, emotional questions, and form a bond with the person we were interviewing. Personally, I loved meeting the person I interviewed, and I know many others in our group did as well. I look forward to seeing many of the kind volunteers at Voices of Youth, our poetry reading.

Written by Cassiopeia Dalsey



Final Expedition

It is the day after our second and last expedition at Granite Chief. We all tried to make the best out of last expedition of our 24-day program even though the weather wasn’t in our favor. A highlight for these past six days was our solo day because we got to know our fears and ourselves better. Even though we only spent 22 hours alone because of the weather, it was more than enough to reflect and think. The last two days were exhausting and very wet. We had to go through rain and hail and in consequence our toes were swimming in our shoes. Since we couldn’t complete the whole hike on the second-to-last day of the expedition we had to hike nine miles the day after but we killed it and managed to make it through.

By Mariana Mosqueda



Everything is for the Best

The past 10 days at ARC have been relatively mind blowing. We have found ourselves in one way or another; some of us absolutely love what we have found, others not so much. “I have found that I can trust more people,” said Pedro. I absolutely love how everyone is so willing to help one another through any situation. I feel that everyone in ARC has a great amount of resiliency because we all strive to complete what we begin, and we never give up. We have grown so much as a strong community together. As a community we built a system that we all agreed on and respect so that we can make this an experience of a lifetime.


Day of the Climbers!

Yesterday on July 2nd our group went on an amazing and incredible rock climbing experience on Donner Summit. We climbed up Kindergarten Rock and School Rock. There were some nerves for some before the climb but everyone who was nervous overcame their fears and climbed on!

By Jesus Nevarez



Our Second Expedition

Now back in base camp after three amazing days of kayaking, rock climbing and repelling Daida Rivas feels like she has grown as a person.  She states, “In these three days I gained more self-confidence than ever before. I learn to believe in myself and learn to achieve my goals. While kayaking, I found myself enjoying the company of all my peers. We danced and shared a special moment. Even though the weather wasn’t so great and we kayak for a shorter time than what we were expected to. We still had lots of fun. In the other hand the next day when we had to rock climb. We laugh and cry throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun. Anyways repelling down that peak was really scary. I learn to see the world in different ways. Now I feel like any challenges that I may face will became easier to conquer. I’m no longer afraid of opening up. The day before yesterday we had to share something that we wanted to get off our chest. I was scared, my heart was beating faster, my hands were sweating and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I did not know what people would think of me after sharing. However I shared anyways and let me tell you something it feels great.” Wow! It is amazing to hear what rock climbing can teach you in a few days.


“New challenge”

Everyone that’s in the group made it. We all succeeded together and reached our goals together not as a group but as a family. It was a new challenge for us for the past 7 days in the wilderness. It was challenging to set up tenets and to do our responsibilities. But we all learned together every step in the way. Mel and Ale, our instructors on the trip, guided us through Desolation Wilderness peacefully and safely. Mel taught us how to write poetry and Ale taught us science. Now we are back at Sagehen with more learning and excitement. And I know we all will be ready to take the next new big challenge to reach our goals.

Pedro Vargas