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The Rock

On day five of our first expedition, we spent the day at the camp we had set up the night before. We had a Science lesson where we learned about trees and soil from our surroundings and an English lesson where we discussed our goals and challenges. At the end of the English class we threw large rocks in to the river nearby which represented our challenges that we wanted to let go. It was an emotional moment for all of us because metaphorically we all held on to our problems but wanted to throw them out.

-Johan Stoll

At the far right: Johan

At the far right: Johan


Worth the View

The first expedition in one word? Tiring. By Day Six of our hike on the Ostrander Lake Trail, all ten of us ARC participants and four instructors were exhausted, both mentally and physically. At this point, we had gone through steep incline and declines, a thunder storm, and a very emotional English class. We were all at our wit’s end. But while we were on our way hiking to Chilnualna Falls, we came across a clearing at the crest of our hike. We were breath-taken by the endless view of enormous trees and the gorgeous sunset. This felt like our reward for a hard day of hiking, or as our instructor Michael would say, “Simpsons and ice cream!” The time for our break had come, and we decided to spend ours there. It was a great evening, where we played group-bonding games, played baseball with pine cones and a stick, and simply sat admiring our surroundings. This was the first time that our group as a whole felt truly accomplished.

-Julia Travis