Final Expedition

This is us, working as a team getting ready for our last expedition. I am feeling excited because we are leaving tomorrow, but worried because we will be leading the trip ourselves!



Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast” we kept repeating over and over. It had been a great day! It started off relaxing, gazing at the beautiful sunrise during our breakfast. We had reviewed how to travel cross country many times. It was our first time hiking off trail and we made sure to avoid every negative thought. We sang on our way to our destination and used all the teamwork skills we had learned throughout the course. We then began to ascended needle peak. The ground under us would slide and cause us to fall. Instead of complaining we laughed and helped each other up. It was a tall and steep peak, the thought of giving up crossed my mind but my partner’s face kept me going. It wasn’t long until BAM! We hit the peak and it had felt as if a hard breeze of beauty hit me. On July 18, 2013 we demonstrated how to work as a true inspiring team. We invited all the challenges to prove to everyone that we are a team that sticks together. Uniquely Undefined.

By Alondra Chavez


Expedition #4 Underway

This morning the “Pacific Fishers” woke up, did some light fitness, got their packs together, and headed off to Ostrander Lake for their final and most demanding expedition yet. Read More


Final Expedition

We are going to embark in the beginning of our final expedition tomorrow! The chaos to prepare for the journey is REAL. But everyone is excited to leave basecamp back to our second home in the back country. Read More


Ten Lakes

This is ARC hiking up from one of the Ten Lakes and went up 24 switchbacks up the face of a mountain and found ourselves looking at this beautiful view with one of the ten lakes in the background. Read More


3rd Expedition and Tenaya Lake

“Come into the mountains, dear friend. Leave society and take no one with you but your true self. Get close to nature. Your everyday games will be insignificant. Notice the clouds spontaneously forming patterns and try to do that with your life”. Read More


Mariposa Grove

This morning we went to the Mariposa Grove and Home of the Giant Sequoias. Interns with the Yosemite Leadership Program and Chris Raines, a Park Ranger from the Education Branch, gave us an interpretive walk of the Lower Grove. We had a great experience and learned that they can grow up to 300 feet. What we gained from the experiance was a real appreciation for their age and how they can live for thousands of years.


Tallac Attack

The most exciting moment of the day was getting to the top of Mt. Tallac and looking at the beautiful blue water of Lake Tahoe and its huge size! At that moment we realized that after a hard, steep, sharp and rocky hill “we did it” . The afternoon was really exciting because we swam in the lake and refreshed ourselves with its crystal clear water.  Mt. Tallac was a difficult ascent, but we made it and we were overcome with joy because of our accomplishment.
By Daniel Ortiz


Finding Family

Day 6 was a very important day for our ARC family. It started with a struggle because we had gotten off trail and ended up wandering around like lost puppies. We were lost because our group needed to be self sufficient so the staff held their tongue and let us find our way. We worked together to find our way back to the trail and doing it as a group made it a significant accomplishment, even though we briefly lost sight of where we were we found ourselves becoming closer as a family. Day 6 was a day that was very memorable in all the participant’s minds, and we can’t wait to experience another day like it.
By Ronaldo Amaya


First Expedition Challenges and Accomplishments

June 6th was the 5th day we had been backpacking and hiking. it was an important day for us because we figured out how to hike from Dick’s Lake to Eagle Lake all by ourselves. At first the trip was a little challenging because we had a hard time finding the trail. The lesson that we learned was how to follow a map and make sure that we remain on trail in the wilderness. We made it to our destination and had the chance to play in the lake before eating lunch. We had a lot of fun!
By Haley Liu